ost dogs today are family companions. We no longer expect them to hunt down our game or guard our livestock. No more is it their job to run faster, bark louder, or pull harder.


There’s just one snag. Dogs didn’t get that memo.


Not to worry. If you want a delightful companion for you and your family—a dog that comes when called, greets people politely, and generally is a breeze to live with—we can help!


Who We Are
ABC Dogs (Ann Becnel Companion Dogs) is a family-oriented New Orleans dog training service. Our extensive experience teaching, working with elementary school children, and training dogs all come together in a truly family-friendly service.


We offer private in-home dog training, puppy training and socialization, behavior modification, semi-private puppy kindergarten, and dog training classes for puppies and dogs.



Want to get started? Send us an email or call 504.616.6067