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A Better-Behaved Canine

Why Dog Training Classes Are Great…

puppy owners

For puppy owners

Because you can teach your puppy the polite behaviors we humans like (and no, if you neglect to tell him, he won’t figure it out on his own). And at the same time, you’ll be socializing your puppy so he grows up to be a friendly dog that enjoys children, other people, and other dogs.

dog owners

For dog owners

Because your adult dog might need a remedial course in good manners—or you’d like to help your adopted rescue dog deal with behavior issues. Or maybe you want to strengthen your dog’s training further, e.g. by working toward a Canine Good Citizen certificate.

Whatever you’re looking for in a class, we can help!

Why Take Our Dog Training Class?



Classes are open enrollment: You can start 6:30 PM every Wednesday reserved spot at West End Park for the introductory class. After that, you get 12 classes completed within 6 months at any of our locations.

cutting edge training

Cutting Edge

100% positive, humane dog training methods Professional trainer with 35+ years’ experience Techniques taught are based on canine behavioral science

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Great Content

Obedience: Sit and down on command and staying in place,  loose-leash walking, coming when called, reactions to other dogs, reaction to distraction and others
*We teach the Canine Good Citizen Program by the American Kennel Club, testing is included.

Class Information

Saturday Canine Good Citizen Class – Control-line Airplane Field off of Harrison Ave in City Park
Saturday Puppy Classes West End Park, 401 N Roadway, NOLA ( look for old fountain surrounded by columns in the center of the park )
Sunday West End Park
Monday West End Park 
Tuesday West End Park
Wednesday West End Park
Thursday West End Park
Saturday  Canine Good Citizen CGC 8 AM
Puppy Class 8 and 9 AM
Monday CGC 6:30 PM
Tuesday Puppy Class 6:30 PM
Wednesday Introductory Class 6:30 PM
Thursday CGC 6:30 PM
How:email Ann at

Please note: We always start out with one introductory small group class to evaluate your dog, get to know your training goals and teach you the foundation exercises. After that, you have 12 classes to complete within 6 months. *Reactive dogs (bark and lunge at other dogs or people) do not do well in group classes, private lessons are recommended. 

Puppy Class (3-7 months)

You and other puppy owners get 4 x 1 hour sessions of puppy-centric training. Get the A to Z on housebreaking, mouthing, alone-time training, puppy manners, and much more. Plus, your pup will build social skills in supervised play sessions.

Where:West End Park, 401 N Roadway St, NOLA
Saturday at 8 and 9 AM
Tuesday at 6:30 PM
How:Call 504-616-6067
$125 for 4 x 1 hour classes
( 2 make ups available )
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We Recommend...

We recommend the Pet Safe Martingale style collars, as well as the anti-pull aids Freedom No Pull Harness and Gentle Leader.

freedom leash
gentle leash
ann bechnel companion dogs
“Signing up for Ann’s Puppy Kindergarten is probably the single best investment we have made for our dog and family.” –Jenny Wiltfong