If You Would Like…

A dog that’s well-behaved and attentive
A dog you can trust around your children
A dog you can take anywhere without concern


Then this is the dog training service for you!


We’ll help you turn your unruly pooch into a polite, easygoing companion.


Get Help With:

Polite Manners
Good leash manners, coming when called, no jumping up on people, chewing the right things, etc.

Puppy Essentials
Housebreaking, mouthing, chewing, crying when left alone, crate training, socialization, preventing behavior problems, etc.


Our Services


Private Consultation

Where: In your home
When: At a time that suits you
What: Private, one-on-one training lessons
Cost: $150 for 1.5 hours

Puppy Kindergarten (10-14 weeks old)

Where: St Margaret's/Mercy, 3525 Bienville St. NOLA in the recreation room
When: Saturdays at 12:30 PM
How: A package of 4 group 1 hour lessons
Cost: $100

Want to get started? Send us an email or call 504.616.6067