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Lisa Tompkins

Ann’s class was a wonderful way for my daughter and me to spend time with our new puppy. Ann has great instincts with dogs—she helped us solve problems both in and out of class.

We have a small dog that absolutely loved the playtime before class started, and Ann made sure our dog could play safely among big dogs. Most importantly, our puppy adored the class and learned a great deal about how to be a terrific family dog.”

Susie Allen

“Ann really has great methods and lots of ways to teach a dog a variety of good behaviors. She taught our whole family and was especially patient with our kids, teaching them how to teach our dog, and how to behave around a young dog. She is very positive and encouraging, and realizes that one-size-training does not fit all.”

Beth Daigle

“As a person who was plagued by a fear of animals (especially dogs), I challenged myself to overcome the anxiety by becoming a dog owner. I became very comfortable with my own puppy, but still wasn’t certain about other dogs. I knew nothing about how to train an animal, so I was thrilled when I found Ann. She not only taught me how to train my puppy and build a healthy relationship with her, but she was instrumental in helping me get rid of my fear of dogs.

I’m so grateful to have worked with Ann because she has a wealth of information and her teaching style is professional and consistent—she teaches all her lessons with loving firmness. I am frequently complimented on how well behaved my dog is. Well, I give credit where credit is due: Ann Becnel and her training methods are phenomenal.”

beth testimonial

Erin Collins-Romero

Ann’s family-oriented behavioral training has given me the tools to understand the needs of my dog. Ann is experienced, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. Her training has helped create a bond between my pet and myself which, I’m happy to say, has resulted in an affectionate, respectful, and obedient dog. It’s the most valuable gift I could give myself and my pet. Thanks Ann!”

Jenny Wiltfong

“Signing up for Ann’s Puppy Kindergarten is probably the single best investment we have made for our dog and family. You can read a lot about dog training, but with Ann, we could bring our real questions and issues to the table and get training tailored to our specific needs. We have had great results—confidence in our own ability to train Roland, and also a reasonably well behaved and happy pup who has started early on the path to becoming a great companion dog. I would enthusiastically recommend this class to any new puppy parents!” –

Samantha, Jeff, and Johnston Burkhardt

“Ann was awesome! She came highly recommended from our veterinarian’s office and we’re so glad we found her. This was our first dog and Ann was very patient with us. She taught us everything we needed to know as responsible pet owners. She offered easy and manageable techniques specifically for our family and our lifestyle. Also, she was readily available for phone calls when other questions arose.

Ann is sweet, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. We immediately felt like we had known her forever—and so did our dog Rex, who loved his training. I can’t imagine anyone better for this job.”

samantha testimonial

Mirais Holden

“Ann provided a safe environment for us to socialize our dog, Jolene. Our dog gained experience with other dogs, both large and small, and with people, both adults and children. Thanks to Ann’s class, our dog interacts beautifully in all environments. Our dog has mastered the basics of puppy obedience and has also learned some fun tricks!

Jolene has even passed her Canine Good Citizen certification training, thanks to Ann’s class. Ann is great at troubleshooting and coming up with creative and knowledgeable solutions for every client’s particular puppy problems.”

marias holden